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Eid is approaching!

This Ramadan has definitely has had its challenges and blessings as well, AllhamduAllah. We know this Eid would be difficult for many of us and we know that it will be hard. Having a virtual Eid is a great example of connecting with friends and family. Also try visiting from afar, we thought of a drive by at our family homes and friends. It is not the same, but we adapt and learn new ways to communicate and connect. It is also temporary, and we need to realize that these things do happen and its okay to feel the way you are feeling, remember Allah and your prayers. . Listening to Quran has huge benefits and even to any of the scholars online has benefits inshAllah. Most important if you are feeling its too much please contact your local Mental Health help line and or see a doctor. Getting the help you need is the most important thing to do for yourself and the people you love. Allah created you and you matter to Him and to your loved ones and to the community. May Allah make us steadfast in our prayers, strengthen our convictions, and protect us from all harm. Eid Mubarak to all of you and I pray that you will enjoy it!

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