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Great Reads

February 12, 2018

BismAllah, we will be starting a new look into each of the books that we will have up here and giving others a review of each of the books that we read and give you an insight on the quality, and the information relayed in these wonderful books, so BismAllah we will start with the first book published in 2017.

It is Muhiimah's Quest, written by Rahma Rodaah and illustrated by Daria Horb, a lovely book about a family celebrating a birthday. However, they do not celebrate this young girls birthday the usual way. Muhiimah has to go on a quest and along the way others give her special gifts and tell her she will find out about these gifts later and they all give her some exceptional advice. She is puzzled but continues to find more gifts from others. As she comes home to her family she gets quite a surprise. A lovely read for anyone, and it brings the greater bond of a community within a child`s life.  



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