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Amina's Voice

February 18, 2018

This book shows the struggles that children have when they live in a non Muslim country. It also shows the great balance that parents and families sometimes struggle to achieve in raising their children, from the western values to values that are traditional. Written by Hena Khan, it portrays Amina, who is 11 and the situations at school and at the local Mosque. She goes to Sunday school and finds out that there is a Quran competition that her father eventually signs her and her older brother up for. Both are struggling in Quran class and are a bit worried, especially Amina, because of her anxiety standing in front of an audience. At the same time, there is a talent show at school. Her friends are encouraging her to sign up because she has a beautiful singing voice. Through all this, her uncle from Pakistan come to visit and he is much stricter in religious values and is more traditional than her parents. Then a sudden twist happens at her community, which leaves everyone in shock! What will happen to Amina? Will she compete in the competition, sing or do both? Get your hands on this lovely novel for preteens. 



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