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Reading Your Library

April 1, 2018

Inside the Soul of Islam was a book that I borrowed from the local library,and it was a  point of view that I was searching for when it came to Islam. The real beauty of Islam is that you know that Allah (SWT) is a forgiving God that has Mercy and Compassion. He is the Judge of All and this is where I see many Muslims fall. Many of us judge others on their appearances, their religious duties and even on their own personal struggles. We hear many people and this is where we need to stop and rethink. We need to remind ourselves that everyone of us is walking their own path and their own struggles are interlaced within their own path. The best thing you can do is make Dua for your brothers and sisters instead of shaming them or talking about them. The best is also to give encouragement and try to role model positive actions. This will surely help others see themselves and be aware of what they may be doing whether it is about health, wealth, family or their own personal struggles when it comes to faith. We could all be a great role model and an important example for others to see, but we also have our own paths and struggles. We all make mistakes and the best of us ask Allah for forgiveness and move on to try to become better. Try to avoid judging your fellow beings, we all are struggling and we all need support. This book is a great read try to find it at your own library. It is a unique view Into the wisdom of Islam for all faiths.




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